In the mix of everything happening in the world, I invite us all to remember the healing power of sexuality.

Photo credit: Caroline Hernandez

No matter who you are, Layla Martin can inspire you to be sexier and healthier– even if you are without sexual partner.  (Sometimes, *especially* if you are without sexual partner!) 

She pulls from neuroscience, Tantric wisdom, and her own trauma-informed-and-healed life experience.

Regardless of your relationship status, sexual preference, or gender (or lack of gender)– Layla has a LOT of wisdom to share. She’s the founder of the Tantric Institute (studied in Asia 7 years!), hosts a *very* informative YouTube channel and several online programs…   I recommend beginning with just her newsletter! 

TIP: Don’t sign up with your work email if you have one.  🙂   Because..  

Even the titles of her email newsletters make me blush.  =)

Sexual energy is life energy.  I hope you create space in your life to let it do it’s magic.