* Clinical Mental Health Counseling- in-person and online for individuals  – Psychology Today Profile – accepting new clients


                    * Offering support for anxiety, depression, relational trauma, attachment wounds, addictions, and overcoming abusive relationships (romantic or familial)

                    * Partnering with clients to use somatic, creative expressive, attachment-focused, motivational, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and gentle Cognitive                                       Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

                    * Welcoming and supporting clients of any identity

                    * Both online (secure) and in-person at the Rainbow Wellness Center, 19 Church Street, Burlington, VT.  Please note the office is stairway access only,                           with no elevator. I wish this was otherwise.


* Conscious Uncoupling Coaching – click for details

                    * Please note Conscious Uncoupling is for one client at this time and is not for both partners simultaneously. Couples therapy with me is coming this summer.  I can refer you to a second Conscious Uncoupling coach for your partner for the time being if you and I work together now, or you can research couples therapists with availability who work with the book Conscious Uncoupling.


   * Calling in the One Coaching – click for details

    * Relationship Coaching: 

I help individuals with:

* Romantic breakups or divorce (see Conscious Uncoupling)

* Maintaining any relationship when living with a long-term health condition

* Professional or work-related relationships

* Isolation and the desire to invite an intimate relationship (see Calling in the One)

* Locating and joining your tribe

* Parenting and co-parenting

* Extended family relationships (with in-laws, step-parents, community members)

* Collective cultural relationships, especially for people with non-dominant identities (such as people who identify as nonbinary, BIPOC, with disability, and more)