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When scientific research starts proving that prayer belongs in the psychiatric ward, that faith belongs in clinical mental health treatment plans for depression and substance abuse — science has my attention.  

Dr. Lisa Miller’s new book The Awakened Brain explains how spiritual connection is now proven to both physically change the brain and vastly improve the recovery rates of the burdens people carry.  Whether you live with a clinical condition or not—this book is likely relevant to you if you feel that you live in a culture that moves too fast, is devoid of meaning, and overwhelms your mind and senses.

Using her new research, Dr. Miller distinguishes between the “achieving brain”– which helps us write to-do lists, work overtime, and accomplish small and large goals in our life–  and the “awakened brain” — which helps us see our part in a larger picture, notice meaningful synchronicities, and release control.  She witnessed the need of spirit/prayer/faith repeatedly throughout her career as a clinical psychologist and researcher, and now she has the research to prove why spirituality (and/or faith/religion) belongs in a treatment plan. 

We all have the neurological capacity for spirituality.  It’s a matter of choice, how much we build that neuro-“muscle”.

Dr. Miller is a fluid storyteller, and this is a beautiful book!  I welcome your posts or emails that share your experience of using the awakened brain.

May this reminder of the holy shine a light for your entry to 2022.