Photo credit: Karsten Wurth

Our stunning earth gives us everything we need to stay alive– we know this.  If the apocalyptic nature of climate change mentally or emotionally shuts you down, you’re not alone.  The media does a solid job of often framing the problem, but is short on equally reporting on solutions.  Life-enhancing, desirable solutions.

There are solutions

This is the grace of innovation, and where we can focus.

Two defense mechanisms that may be a response to climate change are denial and dissociation (tuning out).  The question often surfaces: what can I do?  

A new light shone from two media clips for me recently.  Sam Sanders’ NPR radio program It’s Been a Minute and the hopeful Ted Talk from climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe highlight two important things you can do:  1. Get involved in a local earth-based activist group that is related to something you personally love—so that results connect to your own values and identity—and 2. Talk about it, daily.

Hayhoe is inspiring because she has positive statistics on projects and systems already in place.  She calls for rational hope to replace fear.  And for the need to focus on practical, attractive solutions. 

Climate change is here, and so still are we—with choices.  Think of what you love.  I invite you to learn how climate change is already affecting what you love.  You don’t need to be a scientist to learn about solutions– just a curious communicator or web surfer.

 Speak with others.  Anyone, everyone.  Love your thing, build your vision, and work with fellow vision-holders.  Chances are you can join a group already in progress.  If all you have to give is one hour a month on a video call, so be it.  And bless it.  Imagine if everyone did that!

I challenge you—and myself—this month.  Can you bring up the topic of climate change with someone in a non-disastrous way one a day?  This is quite the challenge.  Let’s do it!