Photo credit:  Volodymer Hryschenko

I texted this to a friend after our walk through the woods together one recent evening…   She wrestled with fears and challenges as a parent due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

“After spending much time alone, with chronic and rotating health problems, I found:

The opposite of worry is faith.  Feeding my conversation with God and my capacity to listen, wildly helps.  Focusing on solutions, possibilities, and gratitude—in themselves are healing.”

To everyone today, I add:  Experiencing any degree of fear is human; aligning with peace is an efforted ongoing choice, and worth it.  Forgive yourself for having the fear.  Then gently yet firmly redirect your awareness.

As I lay alone, sometimes in pain and both bodily chaos and stillness, I often recalled the one thing that I had complete control over: My own consciousness.  With skilled attempts, I mastered my energy too.  This is always a work in progress, to this day. 

Energy is everything.  In these times of fear, confusion, and new protocols (for some), we can each be practical in physical tasks while calming our potentially jumpy heart and mind.  I have a (cheesy?) motto: “Prepared” does not mean “scared”.  We can make intelligent and real choices and simultaneously hold tranquility in our hearts.

Whatever troubling stories that may be roaming inside of you, I encourage you to 1. Notice the story 2. Remind yourself that an opposite story is possible.  Then linger there. And stay open.

This was my practice during recent years of what felt like ill-health “house arrest”.  (And, per my own choice, I spoke regularly to my version of God. And then listened.)  I’m now working with doctors number five and six, and I’m determined and hopeful still.

I’m wishing you good health on all levels, a serene heart, and even: a sparkle in your eye:  It’s possible.

How do you handle your fears?  What is the result?  Please post or email.  I love hearing from you and I always reply.