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Michael Singer’s 2007 book The Untethered Soul became a New York Times Bestseller, and his first television interview was with Oprah Winfrey.  How’s that for a debut? The book crossed my path only recently.
The first question Michael Singer likes to ask is: “Hi– Are you in there?” The answer from his readers is always “yes”. His next question is then: “Who are you?”   … and that’s where the slope gets slippery. 

We are not our possessions, characteristics, relationships, or emotions says Singer.  We are not even our thoughts.
The “you” that responds yes is the “you” he is speaking to.  In other words– the soul. Consciousness itself.
It sounds esoteric, but this book succinctly speaks to anyone, anywhere, of any faith or non-faith.  The relationship between our consciousness and our lived experience is the key to setting ourselves free.  Free from what?  Free from hurt, from old behavior patterns. 
Free from our emotional knots.
According to Singer, we form our personalities and habits around protecting the spots in our lives, our energetic beings (our souls), that hurt. The places that hurt are simply “stuck energy”.  Indian philosophy and religions called these knots “samskara”.

We don’t process emotional pain usually because we fear it– and, well– it HURTS.  It gets stuck though, as energy.
Our job as human beings, according to Singer, is to process the blocked energy and set it free, thus setting ourselves free, because our thoughts and behavior patterns form around our samskara– often unconsciously. 
The Untethered Soul has simple steps on how to work through these blocks, specifically the stuck places in our hearts.  The process is so simple, it’s almost ridiculous.  Challenging to execute, but it’s like any other exercise—you build up the muscle in time.
So: Hi! Are you in there? I know you are, and that’s why this book is for you.  Since reading it, I practice recognizing and processing my stuck-spots daily. I’m that much lighter and freer for it.
Michael Singer interviews and video clips are online galore. His website is HERE

Please share with me by email or blog comment: How does The Untethered Soul affect you?   What do you bump up against, if anything?
… I’ll meet you in that place of freedom.