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The book title is GROW a New Body…. =)

This book is the right one for a new decade.  I recommend Grow A New Body for anyone seeking a healing path—written by someone who lived it.  This book ranges from cutting edge science to archetypal journeys of the human spirit. 

Dr Alberto Villoldo, PhD., was already steeped in the studies of energy healing when he founded the Biological Self-Regulation Laboratory at San Francisco State University.  In mid-career, and already a published author, he was hired by a large pharmaceutical company to travel to the Amazon to discover in the rainforest what they hoped would be the cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Dr Villoldo did not discover a specific ingredient for any one disease, which disappointed the pharmaceutical company, but he learned much from the indigenous tribes there. In time, Dr. Villoldo wasn’t feeling well himself. When he was examined by Western medical doctors, according to the results of his tests, he was barely alive!

It turns out he had several kinds of hepatitis, parasites throughout his brain, a variety of intestinal worms, and a decomposing liver– the list went on.  He was scheduled for a liver transplant in the United States.

He was about to fly to his operation, when he asked himself: “What am I doing? I just spent months and months studying ancient healing with shamans in the Amazon.”  He got off the airplane, and never had the operation.

He did use pharmaceuticals to combat the parasites, and healed the rest through diet, supplements, intermittent fasting, introspective meditation, spiritual inquiry, and more.  His book Grow A New Body is the result of both his time in the rainforest and his effort to heal naturally– which he did!  He currently leads The Four Winds Society with an energy healing training school available both in person and online.

Grow a New Body is my book recommendation as we begin a new decade! How have earth-based, natural remedies affected your life?