(Photo credit: EarthingMovie.com)

If nothing else, scroll to the bottom and begin watching this movie!

There were patches of clover in the backyard where I grew up as a child. The only bee stings I received were from me accidentally stepping on bees. I often ran in bare feet in the yard because it simply felt so good, despite the regular swelling stings.

A sarcastic musician friend of mine called me a hippie when we were young adults because I liked walking barefoot anywhere, everywhere. I knew he was playing, and yes I did like seeing the Grateful Dead in concert, but I was perplexed by his opposition.

In 2015 when I was extremely ill, we had a lucky sunny April in Vermont. On a patch of grass next to the parking lot of my apartment building, I lay on the grass in the sun every chance I had, with my back, arms, legs, head, and feet directly in the grass. In time, I did get a good deal better.

Early in this film, author Clint Ober recounts a time from his youth when modern medicine failed to treat a very sick young neighbor who had scarlet fever. A local indigenous elder literally dug a pit in the earth, placed the very fevered child in it, and sat with her for days. The child was running and playing two weeks later. …!!!

The Earthing Movie documents what we can all experience. The Earth’s electromagnetic field instantly aligns with ours on a subatomic level: It grounds us and re-calibrates us, like a chiropractic adjustment to our invisible energy system. (Ask any quantum physicist the value of energy!) Filmmakers Rebecca and Josh Tickell produced this documentary based on raising their chronically ill toddler and discovering the 2010 book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clint Ober.
And if the temperature is below freezing where you live—like it is by me—we can figure it out. Where there is will, there is way.

I encourage everyone on planet Earth to watch The Earthing Movie and to read Ober’s book, no matter your health status or challenges. The movie is slightly over one hour and free on YouTube.

Speaking of inner grace, this new film reminds us what is available to feed and heal us all, if we choose to pursue it. There’s more to tree-hugging than meets the eye!  You can learn more and watch it *here*.