This blog is a way to share myself with you, the things in life that I interpret to breathe divinity: Insights, personal lessons, moving art (music, movies, books), and spirited stories.  Things graceful.

My goal is to be concise in this age of information overwhelm.

One way that coaching differs from psychotherapy is the transparency of coaches’ lives to their clients.  (The transparency occurs less in psychotherapy.)  I don’t mind sharing pieces of my personal life or perspective here if it means that my inner fire feeds yours, that a light I absorb and transcribe brightens you also.

I am a “highly sensitive person”..   The winds that blow restorative life through me are sure to move others as well, if I share them.  If my words lead you to something beautiful, illuminating, please comment or email.

I often have one foot in a connected, other-worldly zone without using the lens of an established religion.  I do align though, thanks to my higher guide, with an ages-old established culture rich with spiritual beliefs and practices.  (I don’t float in a vague spiritual belief zone.)

However, my specific zone remains unnamed here in the goal of connecting as many people as possible.  Without enforcing upon readers my own practices and specific beliefs, I aim to share inspired words with people of any belief system, including non-believers.  Atheists welcome.

People don’t need the same religious or spiritual lens to truly reach each other.  Love, wellness, transformation, evolution, and peace easily translate. 

Whether or not you have the privilege of having first-world worries, we can probably all agree that it is easy to be washed in fear and pessimism in our current age.  We can all use a dose of grace.

Sometimes words come through me easily, and I ride them like a trusting passenger.  The deepest destination would be the place inside of me that is also inside of you, and we both arrive the moment you read and understand. 

This is the movement of grace.  Let it feed us.  Let it be medicine.

Regular blog posts begin 2019.