Conscious Uncoupling™, created by NY Times Bestselling Author Katherine Woodward Thomas, will help you transition out of a romantic partnership gracefully– whether you are currently breaking up, “stuck” on a past relationship, or suspecting a breakup in the future.

The goal is not to be right.

The goal is not to get revenge.

The goal is to be free.

Together we’ll connect you with self-compassion and free you from the overwhelm of feelings.

Relationships can be hard on our hearts and health.  In our coaching sessions, together we’ll walk through practices, exercises, and solutions for sadness, anger, and fear.  Emotions are actually gifts–  developing the right relationship to them takes practice, and your vitality is worth the effort.

We’ll get you to own yourself with kindness.

Only you have the keys to you.  We’ll look closely at your part in your relationships.  Without blaming or shaming, we’ll get familiar with behaviors and seemingly automatic actions.  We’ll unpack the chatter that only you hear.   Together we’ll gently steer your thoughts towards quiet, adult responsibility.  We’ll discover your power points– the places in your relationships where you really do (or did) have choices.  We’ll discover and remove your assumptions.  We’ll get you in touch with your absolute self!

We’ll map your path to the relationship future you truly desire.

Ideas come to those who are meant to bring them to life.  You know what it is you really want in life.  Together we’ll dust off abandoned dreams, colorfully paint the picture of your future, and get you moving in the right directions.  Whether it is meeting a romantic partner who fits you perfectly, building a vibrant life for your children, or simply living a life free of heavy internal baggage, we’ll set the positive possibilities in motion…

The Conscious Uncoupling Process will help you:

  • Process painful emotions in ways that center and ground you
  • Develop self-compassion and self-care
  • Identify your role in relationship patterns
  • Pinpoint actions to take and choices to make that are an evolution away from the past
  • Recognize amends to make towards yourself
  • Transform the false lenses through which you see yourself and others
  • Graduate from suffering
  • Explore options to build a fulfilling future
  • Release old agreements and generate new, constructive agreements
  • Practice communication with family, friends and extended community in relation to the uncoupling
  • Learn tools and practices to carry with you through many of life’s challenges

Inner Grace Coaching LLC provides coaching for individuals wishing to be coached through the Conscious Uncoupling Process.  Please contact Hannah for guidance on couples wishing to complete the process together.

Conscious Uncoupling is founded on the principles of mutual respect, self-responsibility, and goodwill.  The perfect client is self-reflective: ready and willing to apply practices and exercises between coaching sessions.

You will be transformed by a breakup regardless.  Conscious Uncoupling is a process and journey that ensures you will not just be transformed, but evolved.